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Balustrade cleaning

Glass balustrades overlooking Mindarie Marina looking spotlessly clean following a clean by Clear Reflections Perth

Starting to notice water spots on your glass balustrades which you're unable to remove?

Glass balustrades have never been more popular. They create a feeling of openness and allow for beautiful unobstructed views.

Over time, mineral contaminants collect on and penetrate the surface, giving it a foggy and stained appearance.


Don't wait until your balustrade is damaged!

What we offer:

  • General glass clean - a typical window cleaning style service to remove dust, insect marks etc

  • Heavy duty glass clean - removal of hard water marks from your glass panels using our hard water remover and a polishing process

  • Glass protective coating - to keep your glass looking great, we recommend an application of NanoDiamond glass protective coating to prevent further build-up of stains.


Glass balustrades following a clean
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