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Want to protect your glass surfaces from hard water stains and make cleaning easier?

Over time, hard water deposits can build up on glass surfaces and result in glass corrosion.  When this occurs, the glass is permanently damaged and the stains cannot be removed no matter how much the surface is cleaned. Whether you're moving into a new home or simply want to reduce your cleaning time, we can apply a water repellent glass coating which keeps your glass looking as good as new with minimal maintenance. 


The glass coating is a clear liquid which creates a long-lasting shield on all glass surfaces.  The product we use bonds to the surface, forming a protective barrier so that contaminants are prevented from soaking in, and instead, bead up on the easy to clean coating. 

Coated surfaces stay clear and bright, requiring up to 90% less cleaning!

We use a German manufactured product that utilises the latest in nanotechnology to result in the water 'run-off' effect.  Basically, the hydrophobic qualities of our product allow water to bead off a surface.  This means water simply runs off surfaces when treated with our product.

Application is a process of applying the liquid coating onto a clean surface and polishing in, creating a non-stick barrier that is both water and oil repellent and resistant to corrosion, etching, staining and build-up from limescale, salt spray, chlorine, soap scum, dirt and grime.

Features & benefits


Keep the surface looking new

Easy to clean

Superior ceramic coating

Super-shiny clear finish

Anti-corrosion protection

Scratch resistant

Protection from UV radiation

No need to use harsh cleaning chemicals

100% environmentally friendly

10 years permanent protection

Shower screen glass protection

Enhance the durability

of your shower screen​.


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