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Solar Panels: To clean, or not to clean...?

Can you see dirt on your solar panels? If you can, it's probably time to have them cleaned.

The main reason for cleaning your solar panels is to ensure they convert as much solar energy as possible. Keeping your solar panels clean can not only make your house look cleaner, it can help them work more effectively.

Panels can degrade if not adequately maintained. Over time, dirt, dust, sand, pollen, salt spray and bird dropping can build up on your solar panels. If it's in the air, it will end up on your solar panels! This means less sunlight can get through. Less solar energy being generated means you could be missing out on the cost-saving benefits of having solar panels in the first place.

Solar panels convert sunlight into useable electrical energy. A photovoltaic (PV) system performs best with completely unobstructed access to the sun's rays. Having a build-up of grime on your panels can reduce your system's energy yields by up to 30%.

Solar panel cleaning is an essential process for improving efficiency of the panels. Rain can help to clean the panels, but dirt and bird droppings can become caked on and no amount of rain is washing it away! We recommend having your panels cleaned every 6 months to remove residue and keep your panels operating optimally at all times.

Benefits of having your solar panels cleaned by Clear Reflections Perth:

  • Helps prolong the life of your panels

  • Helps optimise efficiency

  • Use of pure water for a spot-free finish, instead of tap water which can leave residue

  • Safety - climbing on roofs can be dangerous

Give Tom a call today for a free quote - 0410 840 427

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