Fly screens looking tired or torn?

We offer AN AFFORDABLE, fast and friendly fly screen re-meshing service

Fly screens don’t last forever and generally only look great for 10-15 years. Over time, as it gets older, the mesh becomes brittle, faded and is prone to tears and degradation. Using only the highest quality fly screen materials, we come to you and fix your damaged screens on the spot. We fit all types of fly screen mesh to doors and windows, including fibreglass, midge mesh or pet mesh.

Pesky insects invading your home? We can fit special midge mesh that will keep those irritating insects outside where they belong. Midge mesh has a finer weave that not only looks great, but gives you a better view and can also keep you home cooler by improving air circulation. Midge mesh is an alternative to standard fly mesh and is perfect for areas close to rivers and creeks where midges and sand flies are a constant irritant.

Pets destroying your fly screen doors? We can replace your screen mesh with pet mesh. This is the perfect choice for screen doors where pets are present.  Much stronger than a standard fly screen, pet mesh will resist tears and damage from sharp-clawed household pets or children.