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Why can't I get my shower screen clean?

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

It's true...when it comes to water, Perth has it hard!

Hard water stains on shower screen
Hard water stains on shower screen

Many areas throughout Perth have 'hard' water, which is caused by a higher than usual concentration of natural minerals (calcium and magnesium) in the water. Following your daily shower, these minerals remain on the shower screen after the water has evaporated and over time can cause permanent glass staining. If you've found yourself scrolling through Pinterest in search of shower cleaning hacks you're not alone. Trying to remove these unsightly white marks has become a common household battle. Most people turn to DIY or commercial products with frustratingly little or no effect. These products will only remove soap scum and grime, but not the mineral deposits...and here's why...

Ready for the science bit?? Although it looks and feels like it, glass does not have a completely flat and smooth surface. Glass is an amorphous solid, meaning its atoms and molecules are locked in place like a solid, but they are arranged more randomly - more like a liquid. If you looked at glass through a microscope you would notice it has a rough, bumpy surface, which is in fact porous!

Glass under a microscope

Makes sense now right? Your shower screen has a porous surface which absorbs and traps mineral deposits, making it more and more difficult to clean over time. The discolouration you see on your shower screen is the trapped mineral deposits and if left unchecked for long enough they can become impossible to remove.

So how do i get my shower screen clean again? I hear you asking. Well, at this point you need to hire a professional shower screen cleaner to remove the hard water staining that commercial cleaning products cannot achieve. At Clear Reflections Perth we use a cutting edge cleaning compound along with professional polishing tools to restore your shower screen to an 'as new' condition (providing the glass has not already been damaged beyond repair). Winner

Once your shower screen is looking as good as new we recommend an application of Nano4Life to seal and protect the glass surface from further staining.

To find out more, or for a free no obligation quote, call Tom today on 0410 840 427

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